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Spring Bundle Sale

Ready to shake off winter and bring some fresh spring mindfulness to the kids in your life?

Banish stress and bring joy to your home or classroom this season with Kira’s Spring Mindfulness Bundle!

The Spring Bundle is full of easy, no-fail, and quick-win activities that will help your kids calm, focus, and self-regulate.

Usually $39, but yours today for 50% off!

Plus get one of Kira’s most in-demand trainings valued at $99 for FREE when you buy now!

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Your Bundle Includes:

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Spring Yoga and Breathwork Videos for Your Kids

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Printable Spring-themed Mindful Coloring Pages

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Quick Meditation Audios for Kids

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Playlist of Kira’s Best Spring Themed Songs

Free $99 Bonus!


Everyday Mindfulness with Children:

3 easy strategies to calm and focus kids (that work in real life)

This is a $99 Value—free when you purchase today.

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Hi, I’m Kira.

I'm a kids' yoga & mindfulness expert, recording artist, and the author of seven children's mindfulness books, including the bestselling Breathe Like a Bear.

I’ve taught children’s mindfulness and yoga for nearly two decades, and NEVER has this work been as important as it is right now.

Children need us.

Mindful tools like breathing and self-awareness practices, mindful movement, tools for self-regulation, and social-emotional learning are not “extra,” or “enrichment” for kids today.

They’re ESSENTIAL learning for kids in a world that is topsy-turvy (to say the least). Anxiety is at an all-time high among young children—many are seriously stressed out, at way too young an age.

In my 17+ years of teaching and visiting countless schools, I’ve worked with children in a ton of different settings. I've developed an arsenal of mindfulness techniques, tested them in the real world, made mistakes, and tried again. So I know what works when it comes to mindfulness with children, and this Bundle contains many of my most-loved, tried-and-true activities!

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