Never run out of ideas again!

Go from stressed out and overwhelmed to confident and inspired with all the resources you need to ensure EVERY kids' yoga class you teach is engaging and effective!

Kira helps kids' yoga teachers create amazing classes so that they can effectively support children without all the stress involved in lesson planning.

Are you passionate about bringing yoga and mindfulness to children, but...

You spend hours on Pinterest or YouTube researching ideas for your classes-hours away from your own family.


You're relying on the same old tired themes-you desperately need fresh inspiration and ideas.


You need sure-fire methods for classroom management. I know, I've been there!


You're ready to stop cobbling things together, and start relying on a clear plan for each class.
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Imagine if you could...

Get back those HOURS of precious time that you spend each week planning your classes

Go from overwhelmed, stressed, and insecure to calm and empowered in your teaching

Be part of a thriving community of like-minded educators who support you every step of the way, sharing ideas, insights, and encouragement

Feel confident that you’re equipping children with the stress-managing tools they need to thrive in today’s topsy-turvy world

You just need support.

I've got you!

Meet Your Mentor


Hey, I’m Kira.

I’ve been teaching kids’ yoga for more than 17 years—from toddlers to tweens, from partner yoga to family classes, from mindfulness workshops to huge music & yoga performances with 500 children in a school gym.

I’ve written six children’s mindfulness books, including the bestselling Breathe Like a Bear, which has been published in 14 languages.

I’ve spoken on children’s mindfulness on the TEDx stage, and I train kids’ yoga teachers all over the world.

My kids’ yoga & mindfulness songs from my six full-length albums have been streamed more than 35 MILLION times.

You may have seen me on…


Now my passion is helping kids' yoga teachers like you.

Not only do I have extensive resources to offer (and I'm constantly making more-I have another children's mindfulness book and another yoga album on the way) but I've created countless proven lesson plans, and developed an arsenal of techniques and tools for classroom management.

But I remember being where you are right now.

When I first started teaching kids' yoga, I spent TONS of time researching lesson plans, looking through books for ideas, and figuring out music to play.

I wrote a script for every class. As in, I wrote down EVERY WORD I was going to say. It took forever and a day (well, probably five or six hours a week).

And I had little ones at home, so I didn't exactly have a ton of extra time on my hands.

Imagine what you could do with an extra five or six hours each week!

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Along the way, I couldn’t find the resources I wanted, so I created my own. I decided to bring my guitar along when I started teaching, and when I didn’t quite know what to say (which was pretty often), I sang my instructions.

It worked like a charm. (Those instructions became my song “Dance for the Sun,” which has now been used to teach the sun salutation to kids the world over.)

So trust me, I know what it’s like to rush into the room to teach, frazzled from the craziness of the morning with your own kids (I have three, and when they were little, mornings were not our strong suit).

I get what it feels like to lack confidence when you’re new to teaching kids a practice you’re still growing into.

I understand the isolation of feeling that you’re in this alone, running a solo business, or working a side hustle on top of your regular life.

I’ve certainly been close to losing my mind in a room full of kids bouncing off the walls.

And I know that pit in your stomach on Sunday evening when you realize you still need to plan out the classes you’re leading this week! Ugh.

This is why I am inviting you to join my monthly membership:

Rockin' Yoga with Kira Willey:
Class Plans, Music & Coaching for Kids' Yoga Teachers! 

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I've put everything I've learned, all the tools and techniques I've developed, and all the resources I've created over the past 17 years into this membership.

It's everything you need, all in one place.


"Thank you so much for creating so many useful tools for a teacher to use. Your songs are easy to implement and the kids LOVE you!!!"

-Jodi B.
"Rockin' Yoga has been a GAME CHANGER! I am no longer scrambling each week trying to figure out appropriate poses, transitions and music. It's all here!"

-Jen O.

Here's What You Get:

This is what you can count on every month when you join the Rockin' Yoga Membership.
(It's everything I use in my proven teaching method-I call it the four M's!)



MAP (Your complete class plan)

You’ll get a complete, themed children’s yoga lesson plan for the month, full of fresh ideas and packed with movement, music, and mindfulness; plus plenty of variations (Value: $97) 
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NEVER be at a loss for the right song again! You’ll get free downloads of my award-winning kids’ yoga songs, rhythm games, and audio mindfulness exercises for the month’s class plan, including a license from me to use them with no copyright issues (Value: $350)
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You’ll receive videos showing you the yoga poses and movements to each song–you don’t even have to think about it. Plus, instructions on how to teach them to children (I’ve been asked to do this SO MANY TIMES, and now I’m finally doing it!) I also provide demonstrations of my proven rhythm games and mindfulness exercises that are super-engaging and effective. (Value: $197)
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Each month you’ll be invited to a LIVE training session with me on an element of mindfulness and social-emotional learning, discussion on topics like class management or helping children release stress, and coaching on any questions you have; we also have expert guest speakers.This is SO GOOD–the Rockin’ Yoga community comes together to share and support each other! (Value: $375) 

And all of these NEW BONUSES!

When you sign up today, you'll get all of these incredible Bonuses completely FREE: 

The Super Starters Mini Course–learn the quickest, most effective ways to get children’s attention from the start. (Value: $397)

Inviting Black Kids to Yoga–a presentation by author SonJoria Sydnor on how critical it is for Black children to see themselves represented in books and media when it comes to yoga & mindfulness. (Value: $99)

Trauma-informed Yoga for Children–a session with expert Lisa Danylchuk on the importance of teaching through a trauma-informed lens. (Value: $399)

Printables–a packet of printable mindfulness and coloring activities based on my bestselling children’s mindfulness books. (Value: $39)

Uke 101–a session to get you up and running on the ukulele, even if you’ve never played before! (Value: $199) 

The Kira Willey Songbook–beautiful and printable chord charts for beloved tunes like Dance for the Sun, simple to learn on ukulele or guitar. (Value: $49)

New, unreleased songs–unavailable anywhere else and perfect for your classes. (Value: $97)

Plus - inside the membership, we add a new bonus every month!

Total Value of: $2,298!

Available Today for $14.99!

then $29/month after 30 days

You'll save hours each week in lesson planning, and NEVER run out of ideas!

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The proven class plans you'll receive take all the stress and guesswork out of planning your yoga classes, make classroom management a breeze, AND save you tons of time, since you won't constantly be on the hunt for a new curriculum.

Each month will have a new Mindfulness/Social-Emotional Learning Focus, such as self-awareness, kindness, or compassion; as well as a new PLAY Theme, like I Can Fly! How's the Weather? Up All Night! or Creepy Crawlies!

All of this material, with plenty of variations in each plan, means your lessons will always feel fresh, with enough consistency to help children feel comfortable and secure, and enough time to master the movements and concepts.

"I love being a part of the Rockin' Yoga Community, especially the sharing of ideas and lessons. Each week I learn and grow as a yoga teacher!"

-Robin R.
"I no longer feel unprepared and uneasy about yoga with my students. I feel relaxed and empowered. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

-Jennifer O.

You'll get a supportive community, too!

As a member, you're invited to..

Our private, members-only Facebook group!

Here, members regularly share insights, new ideas, and inspiration.

There's no competition, and no promotions of any kind. It's all about working together and supporting each other as we share this powerful practice of yoga with children.

I regularly check in with the group, giving feedback, support, and ideas to members.

(And since I love surprises: I frequently throw in extras, like bonus songs that aren't available to the public, or extra videos with a home-run yoga game to try!)

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Here's everything you get-every single month-when you join today:

A complete themed class plan with variations
10 (at least!) new music & audio downloads, plus a copyright license
How-to videos showing the yoga movements to the songs
A deep-dive, live training & coaching session
BONUS: SuperStarters Course–get and keep students’ attention
BONUS: Inviting Black Kids to Yoga with SonJoria Sydnor
BONUS: Trauma-informed yoga for children–with expert Lisa Danylchuk
BONUS: Mindfulness printables–coloring and affirmation activities
BONUS: Uke 101–get started playing ukulele
BONUS: The Kira Willey Songbook–charts to quickly learn your favorite tunes
BONUS: New, unreleased songs–not available anywhere else
Total Combined Value
Enroll today for just:

then $29/ m after 30 days


Join Rockin' Yoga!




$14.99 1st Month

then $29/Month





$260 1st Year

then $290/Year



then 2 free months every year, forever!

Sign up TODAY and You'll Receive These Bonuses!

Get children's attention instantly!


The most challenging part of teaching is often getting children's attention-and how you start sets the tone for the entire class. In my complete mini-course, Super Starters, I'll teach you my proven, incredibly effective ways to fully engage kids from the beginning, using music, rhythm, and song. I have SO MANY great ideas for you here! This bonus alone is worth $375!  

Trauma-informed yoga training


An exclusive, valuable session with psychotherapist, author, and trauma expert Lisa Danylchuk, on the importance of teaching through a trauma-informed lens, and how we can best show up for children who have experienced trauma. This bonus alone is worth $399! 

The Kira Willey Song Book


An ever-growing collection of beautiful, printable chord charts for beloved tunes including Dance for the Sun, Just Be, and Namaste Song, with more to come when you're a member. Simple to learn on ukulele (especially with access to the Uke 101 training) or guitar! This bonus alone is worth $49! 

Uke 101 training!


This fun session with me teaches you the basics of playing the ukulele, even if you've never picked one up before. All the basics are covered: you'll quickly learn to strum a few simple chords and be on your way to playing and singing. (PS - learning an instrument literally rewires your brain, helping it stay agile and healthy!)  This bonus alone is worth $199! 

Mindfulness Printables 


Eleven pages of printable activities, including mindful coloring, positive affirmation pages, gratitude exercises and more, based on my bestselling books Breathe Like a Bear and Peaceful Like a Panda. This bonus alone is worth $39! 

New songs of Kira's-not available anywhere else!

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Rockin' Yoga members get instant access to songs Kira haven't released anywhere else, like "Trees Alive," an upbeat tree pose tune originally written for PBS, or Winter's Coming, a sweet, snowy lullaby-perfect for your classes! This bonus alone is worth $97! 

Inviting Black Kids to Yoga


A presentation by author SonJoria Sydnor on the chronic stress that systemic racism and generational trauma have created for Black children, how critical it is for Black children to see themselves represented in books and media when it comes to yoga & mindfulness, and concrete ways we can make yoga spaces more inviting and accessible.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If this membership isn't the right fit, for any reason, just give us 72 hours' notice and we'll be happy to cancel it for you. No hard feelings!


The fact that you're still reading this is evidence you deeply desire support and community-both of which you'll get when you become a member of Rockin' Yoga.

I've been where you are. I've spent countless hours writing, re-writing, searching, reading books, and playing around with various ideas and plans.

And I learned the hard way what every teacher knows: you can plan all you want, but if you don't have the attention in the room, you're not going to get anywhere.

That's why my proven method of weaving music, movement and mindfulness together is incredibly effective.

And one more thing: children need us today. Yoga, mindfulness, and social-emotional learning-these essential tools that help kids regulate themselves and cope with stress and anxiety-are needed more than ever before. Don't underestimate the powerful, positive effect you can have by bringing this work to children-but YOU need support.

Let me be that support for you, so you can go make the impact in the world you are meant to make!

- Kira