The solution to everyday mindfulness for your REAL life with children

Go from stressed out and overwhelmed to confident and inspired with all the resources you need to bring yoga, mindfulness and social-emotional learning to the children in your world!

Hey, I'm Kira. I help parents, teachers and homeschoolers incorporate fun, effective mindfulness and yoga practices into their routines so that they can effectively support children-without all the stress involved in figuring it all out themselves.

Whether you're a parent wanting to create a more mindful home, or a kids' yoga or classroom teacher trying to engage, calm, and focus your students, Rockin' Yoga is the solution.

Here's What You Get Every Month:






PLUS these Special Features for Educators!


Lesson Plans

Based on my time-tested, proven method of teaching, you’ll get a complete, themed children’s yoga lesson plan for the month, full of ideas and packed with movement, music, and mindfulness; plus tons of variations. Fun, fresh themes like Up All Night! Creepy Crawlies, and Join the Band! (I call it my SIMPLE Map, a proven method of designing a class that I’ve tested for years!)


How-To Videos

Explanations for educators on how to teach the movements to each song in that month’s lesson, in addition to videos showing exactly how I teach to children. I also demonstrate rhythm games and mindfulness exercises, as well as give ideas for variations and different approaches depending on your age group.


Community Exchange

On our private site, the Exchange is where teachers and homeschoolers share their own lesson plans, and receive valuable, time-saving inspiration and ideas from others–it’s exclusively inside the membership! 

All These Valuable Features Are
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How to get kids' attention instantly!


The most challenging part of teaching is often getting (and keeping!) children's attention. In my complete mini-course, Super Starters, I'll teach you my proven, incredibly effective ways to fully engage kids from the beginning, using music, rhythm, and song. This bonus alone is worth $375! 

Uke 101 Training plus a Songbook


This fun session with me teaches you the basics of playing the ukulele, even if you've never picked one up before! PLUS you’ll get a Kira Willey Songbook with beautiful, printable chord charts for beloved tunes including Dance for the Sun, Just Be, Colors, and Namaste Song, with more to come when you're a member! This bonus alone is worth $199!

Workshops with Industry Experts


Two valuable sessions: an exclusive training with psychotherapist, author, and trauma expert Lisa Danylchuk on the importance of teaching through a trauma-informed lens, and a presentation from author SonJoria Sydnor on Inviting Black Kids to Yoga! These two sessions are worth $299! 

Mindfulness Printables


A collection of printable children’s activities, including mindful coloring, positive affirmation pages, gratitude exercises and more, based on my bestselling books Breathe Like a Bear and Peaceful Like a Panda. This bonus alone is worth $39!

Self-Care for Educators


Helping children calm and ground themselves begins with a calm and grounded YOU. Teaching is stressful, and it’s critically important that we take care of ourselves first. In this video training you’ll learn the many benefits of practicing regular self-care and come away with tons of ideas for practicing it in your daily life. This training is worth $79!  

Mindful Bedtime Kit


Three “just-press-play” resources designed to help your child wind down, release stress and tension in the body, and settle for a peaceful night’s rest. Includes a ten-minute bedtime yoga video with me, a 15-minute audio collection of Yoga Tracks and Mindful Moments, and a 30-minute playlist of my most beloved, soothing tunes and lullabies. This bonus alone is worth $49!


"Kira’s magical yoga songs
work wonders! This group has been
a life saver!"

-Melissa H.

"I no longer feel unprepared and uneasy about practicing yoga and mindfulness with my children. I feel relaxed and empowered. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"
-Jennifer O.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If this membership isn't the right fit, for any reason, just give us 72 hours' notice and we'll be happy to cancel it for you. No hard feelings!

Are you passionate about bringing mindfulness and yoga to children, but...

  • You struggle with how to actually implement it in your daily life
  • You're not sure where to start, and spend hours on Pinterest or YouTube researching ideas-hours away from your own family
  • You need sure-fire methods to engage children and help them FOCUS. I know, I've been there!
  • You're relying on the same old tired themes-you desperately need fresh inspiration and ideas
  • You're ready to stop doing it halfway, and start making mindfulness a regular part of your home or classroom with kids!
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Imagine if you could...

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Be empowered with easy, fun strategies you can use on a daily basis with children

Feel confident that you’re equipping your children with the stress-managing tools they need to thrive in today’s topsy-turvy world

Get back all that precious time you spend each week figuring out how to engage kids-and keep them engaged-with mindfulness and yoga

Go from overwhelmed, stressed, and insecure to calm and confident in your work or home life with children

Be part of a thriving community of like-minded adults who support you every step of the way, sharing ideas, insights, and encouragement

Rockin’ Yoga will make this possible for you. It’s your key to the daily mindfulness you’ve always imagined.

You just need support.

You can do this–and I can help.


"I LOVE being a part of the Rockin' Yoga Community, especially the sharing of ideas and lessons. Each week I learn and grow as a yoga teacher!"

-Robin R.

"Rockin' Yoga is a GAME CHANGER! I am no longer scrambling trying to figure out appropriate poses, transitions and music. It's all here!"


-Jen O.

Meet Your Mentor


Hey, I’m Kira.

I’ve been teaching kids’ mindfulness and yoga for more than 17 years—from toddlers to tweens, from partner yoga to family classes, from mindfulness workshops to huge music & yoga performances with 500 children in a school gym.

I’ve written six children’s mindfulness books, including the bestselling Breathe Like a Bear, which has been published in 16 languages.

I’ve spoken on children’s mindfulness on the TEDx stage, and I work with classroom teachers, parents, and kids’ yoga teachers all over the world.

My kids’ yoga & mindfulness songs from my six full-length albums have been streamed more than 36 MILLION times.

You may have seen me on…


Now my passion is helping parents and educators like you.

I have extensive resources to offer (and I'm constantly making more-I have another mindfulness book and another yoga album on the way), and I've developed an arsenal of techniques and tools for engaging, focusing and calming children. I've created countless proven lesson plans around all kinds of wonderful themes.

But I remember being where you are right now.

When I first started teaching kids' mindfulness and yoga (while raising my own three little ones), I spent TONS of time researching and looking for ideas, not to mention trying to convince the adults around me that mindfulness & yoga were essential learning for kids.

So trust me, I understand the isolation of feeling that you’re in this alone, wanting to bring mindful practices to the children in your life.

Mindfulness, yoga and social-emotional learning are not “extra” or “enrichment”–they’re essential learning for today’s children.

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I get what it feels like to feel unsure and hesitant, to lack confidence when you’re new to teaching kids a practice you’re still growing into.

I know what it’s like to rush into the room to teach, frazzled from the craziness of the morning with your own kids (when my three were little, mornings were not our strong suit).

I’ve certainly been close to losing my mind in a room full of kids–my own, as well as my students–bouncing off the walls!

And teachers: I know that pit in your stomach on Sunday evening when you realize you still need to plan out the classes you’re leading this week! Ugh.

As time went on, I kept up my search for ideas and effective methods–I read all the books, taught children in tons of different settings, took the training courses, and did all the certifications.

So you don't have to.

I want to save you all that time. 

These are evidence-based techniques, proven to be powerfully effective, time and time again.

I created Rockin' Yoga to help you equip children with the tools they WILL need moving forward–it’s about helping them grow up to be kind, caring, productive citizens of the world.


Frequently Asked Questions

The fact that you're still reading this is evidence you deeply desire support and community-both of which you'll get when you become a member of Rockin' Yoga.

I've been where you are. I've spent countless hours trying different ways to engage, focus and calm the children in my life.

In my nearly two decades of doing this work, I learned the hard way what every parent and teacher knows: you can plan all you want, you can have the best intentions, but if you don't have the attention of the children-if they're not able to regulate themselves-you're not going to get anywhere.

That's why my proven method of weaving music, movement and mindfulness together is incredibly effective (not to mention engaging and FUN).

And one more thing: children need us today. Yoga, mindfulness, and social-emotional learning—these essential tools that help kids regulate themselves and cope with stress and anxiety—are needed more than ever before. Don't underestimate the powerful, positive effect you can have by bringing these practices to the children in your world-but YOU need support.

When you join Rockin' Yoga, I'll be able to support you—so you can make the impact in the world you are meant to make!

- Kira