Saturday, December 2nd, 11AM EASTERN


Learn simple, kid-friendly and fun mindfulness tools to help children focus their energy, calm themselves down, and reduce anxiety and stress.

Join kids' mindfulness expert, author, and musician Kira Willey live for this FREE session on making mindfulness part of every day with children. She'll demonstrate 10 of her most effective tools you can use right away to support children's mental and emotional health,  help them calm their bodies, and improve their ability to focus and attention.  No mindfulness experience necessary!

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I'm a kids' yoga & mindfulness expert, recording artist, and the author of seven children's mindfulness books, including the bestselling Breathe Like a Bear.

I’ve taught children’s mindfulness and yoga for nearly two decades,
and NEVER has this work been as important as it is right now.

Children need us.

Mindful tools like breathing and self-awareness practices, mindful movement, tools for self-regulation, and social-emotional learning are not “extra,” or “enrichment” for kids today.  

They’re ESSENTIAL learning for kids in a world that is topsy-turvy (to say the least). Anxiety is at an all-time high among young children—many are seriously stressed out, at way too young an age. 


In my 17 years of teaching and visiting countless schools, I’ve had the opportunity to work with children in a ton of different settings. I've developed an arsenal of mindfulness techniques, tested them in the real world, made mistakes, and tried again—and I know what works (and what doesn't!) when it comes to mindfulness with children.

Join me for this workshop and learn 10 of my most effective children's mindfulness activities!

Saturday, December 2nd, 11AM EASTERN


Easy and fun ways for children to focus their energy

Saturday, December 2nd, 11AM EASTERN

I’ve trained thousands of parents and teachers all over the world. This is my jam—providing support and resources to grownups who believe strongly in mindfulness and social-emotional learning for kids. It’s what gets me fired up! 

This webinar is LIVE. I'll answer your questions, too. Join us!

Here’s what a few trainees of mine have said: 

“These mindfulness practices are so quick and accessible! My students love them!" - Betty O.

"Fabulous training! So rich. Kira is generous in every way - voice, presence, honesty. What a gift!” - Jenn E.  

“I am SO inspired and can't wait to bring what I learned to my kids!” - Ginger M.  

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Saturday, December 2nd, 11AM EASTERN

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