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Fall Bundle

This Fall-themed bundle of resources integrates music, art and movement into mindfulness, and is designed to help children calm their bodies, focus their energy, and regulate their bodies and emotions. 

You’ll get instant access to:

Coloring Pages

Fun Fall-themed printables that give kids an outlet for self-expression while helping develop fine motor skills, improving focus, and fostering a sense of mindful presence.  

Yoga-Based Movement Videos for Kids

Simple & sweet yoga poses and movement set to two of Kira’s beloved songs, Making Pie and The Mixing Bowl–kids will stretch, strengthen and calm their bodies while releasing tension and stress.

Kids’ Mindfulness Videos

Kira leads children through four fun and effective mindfulness exercises to light up the brain, calm the nervous system, focus the energy, and develop social-emotional skills.  

Mindful Music Playlist 

A collection of Kira’s fan-favorite, seasonal tunes and lullabies to create a peaceful, soothing and cozy atmosphere.

Mindful Moments Playlist 

Kira leads children through gentle movements, relaxing stretches and guided mindfulness on this audio-only combination of Yoga Tracks and Mindful Moments.