Special Live Session with Kira

Learn why children are having such a hard time calming themselves and focusing their attention, and how mindfulness can help.

Discover how incorporating simple music & rhythm, as well as yoga-based movement, into mindfulness makes it incredibly engaging and effective for young children (it's NOT all sitting still and breathing)!

Walk away with practical tools you'll use immediately to help children calm their bodies and focus their energy.

Here's what you'll learn:

What mindfulness is, exactly (and what it isn’t!)

The main factors leading to children’s dysregulation–and what can help

Simple, quick techniques to easily engage (and keep!) children’s attention

Anyone-can-do-it tips for using music and rhythm to fully engage children and “light up” their brains

How to create a calming environment in your classroom (or home)

Easy and fun mindfulness activities to help children focus their energy

Practical tools for children to release anxiety and stress

The #1 mistake most teachers make when using mindfulness in the classroom!

And more!