Go from stressed out and overwhelmed to confident and inspired with all the resources you need to get your students' attention, focus their energy, and

Kira trains teachers to incorporate simple, fun mindfulness practices–many including music and movement–so that they can effectively engage children without all the stress of constantly trying to figure it out themselves.

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You're passionate about teaching

You want to help your students regulate themselves, stay engaged, and thrive at school and throughout their lives. And you NEED ways to bring calm and focus into your classroom.


➡️ You spend so much time and energy managing your group, struggling to capture and keep your students' attention, that you barely have a minute for anything else. You need sure-fire methods for classroom management. (I know, I've been there!)

➡️ Your patience wears thin quickly-you struggle to keep yourself calm and grounded while managing your highly distractible students' short attention spans 

➡️ The children you work with are often dysregulated-they have lots of Big Feelings, and no tools to bring their systems back online-and you're not sure how to help

➡️ You have so much on your plate that taking care of yourself keeps getting put on the back burner-after you've taken care of everything (and everyone) else

➡️ You understand that mindfulness practices are powerful and effective for children-you might even know of the research that points directly to better emotional regulation, an increased ability to focus, and positive academic outcomes-but aren't sure what resources to use, or how to incorporate them into the classroom


Imagine if you could...

Have an arsenal of tried-and-true classroom management methods at your fingertips-quickly capturing and keeping students' attention, creating a calm, focused classroom

Go from frazzled and stressed out to calm and centered with simple, effective (and quick) tools, so you have the patience to handle the ups and downs in the classroom-with plenty of bandwidth left for yourself and your own family at the end of the day

Help children learn to regulate their bodies and emotions, so they develop the self-awareness to recognize when they need to use mindfulness tools on their own, stopping challenging behaviors in their tracks

Incorporate simple practices to take care of yourself that are doable, practical, and fit into your real life-"putting your oxygen mask on first," so to speak

Oh, and have more FUN in your classroom!

You CAN.

I've got you!

Meet Your Mentor


Hey, I'm Kira.

I've been teaching kids' mindfulness, yoga-based movement, and music for more than 17 years-from toddlers to tweens, from partner yoga to family classes, from mindfulness workshops to huge Rockin' Yoga performances with 500 children in a school gym. I've taught and presented in more schools than I can possibly count. 

I've written seven children's mindfulness books, including the bestselling Breathe Like a Bear, which has been published in 17 languages; spoken on the TEDx stage on children's mindfulness, and I train educators all over the world.

My kids' mindfulness songs & yoga songs from my six full-length albums have been streamed more than 36 MILLION times.

You may have seen me on…


Along the way, I realized the best way for me to reach more children with the benefits of mindfulness was to train the teachers.

The person with the primary relationship with the child has the BEST chance of teaching them tools to thrive that will stick. That's YOU.

My passion is helping teachers bring mindfulness-incorporating movement and music-into the classroom.

Not only do I have extensive resources to offer (and I'm constantly making more-I have a new children's mindfulness book AND another album on the way) but I've created countless proven, kid-friendly, super-effective mindfulness activities, and developed an arsenal of techniques and tools for keeping students engaged and focused in the  classroom.

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But I remember being where you are right now, in the classroom with no tools for capturing students' attention.

When I first started teaching, I spent TONS of time on my lesson plans-flipping through books for ideas, looking online for resources, and then trying to figure out how to use them.

But honestly? Most of my time was occupied trying to keep students engaged and ready to learn. (You feel me, right?)

So trust me, I know what it's like to rush into the room to teach, frazzled from the craziness of the morning with your own kids (I have three, and when they were little, mornings were not our strong suit).

I understand the isolation of feeling that you're in this alone, that friends and colleagues are not sure what this mindfulness business is all about.

I've certainly been close to losing my mind in a room full of kids bouncing off the walls.

This is why I'm inviting you to experience this training. I've put everything I've learned, all the tools and techniques I've developed, and all the resources I've created over the past 17 years into this course.

It's everything you need to Calm Your Classroom.

It's WAY MORE Than Just Another Training

This is not simply about teaching children how to breathe. It's about equipping them with the tools they need to thrive throughout their lives.

And it's not just for them-it's for you, too. Teacher burnout is at an all-time high, and you need simple, doable practices to keep you from going bonkers, am I right?

Benefits to YOU

Reduced stress, overwhelm, and burnout

More patience

Greater compassion

A more effective and productive classroom

Benefits to the Children You Serve

Improved attention

Emotional regulation

Social-emotional skills, such as empathy and compassion

Decreased anxiety and stress

That's why I've also included lots of tools for YOU in this course. We'll talk about why it's so incredibly important to take care of yourself first. I'll teach you practical, real-life practices to make self-care a habit, so you can be the educator you want to be—the one you imagined you'd be from the start of your career—and make the impact you're meant to make in your students' lives.

Calm Your Classroom:
Here’s Everything You Get!

Six Sessions of Training (recorded from a live virtual event) with Mindfulness Expert Kira Willey

A deep dive into the science and benefits behind using mindfulness with children, and packed with hands-on, practical demos and ideas for implementation into your work–as well as a session dedicated to taking care of YOU

FREE month of Rockin' Yoga membership

Music and mindfulness audio downloads, a LIVE training with Kira every month, how-to videos, themed mindfulness & yoga lesson plans, videos just for kids, a thriving Facebook community, and more!

Complete access to course materials for one year

All course recordings and bonuses will be available to you at your convenience on our private website

CYC Completion Certificate

Many school districts honor this as CEU credit; for kids' yoga teachers, this course qualifies for six hours' CEUs with the Yoga Alliance (must complete all six sessions)

Digital Workbook

Beautifully designed and available in two formats, for your use during the training and beyond 

Bonus-Audio Mindful Meditation for Educators

Short and sweet, this "just press play" guided meditation is geared toward self-care-designed to help ground you in the present moment and bring a sense of calm and focus at any time of day

Bonus-Ukulele 101 for Non-Musicians

A pre-recorded Zoom teaching session to get you up and running on the ukulele, even if you've never played before! SO much fun. Bring the benefits of live music into your classroom. YES, you can!

“Brimming with ideas! Absolutely brilliant. Inspiring. Best training I have ever attended!”

- Kathleen K.

“Kira is a very talented teacher, and her enthusiasm is infectious–I am SO happy I set aside the time and energy to learn from her. Priceless!”

- Oxana R.

What You’ll Learn:

SESSION 1 - Current State of Affairs

A deep dive into the many factors which contribute to children having a hard time regulating themselves–including excessive screen time, lack of physical movement, “old-school” methods of discipline, and high rates of trauma. Learn the critical mindset shift educators need to make in order to set children up for success.

SESSION 2 - Mindfulness Starts with YOU

Self-care is NOT self-indulgence! Burnout rates are high for educators, and it’s critically important that we take care of ourselves first. Learn the many benefits of practicing regular self-care, and come away with tons of ideas about how to put it into practice in your daily life. Helping children calm and ground themselves begins with a calm and grounded YOU.

SESSION 3 - Mindfulness with Children: What, Why & How

Learn the definition of mindfulness, why and how it works in the brain, and an overview of its many benefits. Understand why children are unable to reason during moments of Big Feelings and what you can do about it, and discover the three CRITICAL elements of practicing mindfulness with children, with explanations and examples of each one.

SESSION 4 - Mindful Movement

The physical fitness of children in the United States is generally poor, affecting both their physical and emotional well-being, as well as their ability to focus and learn. Understand how movement for children isn’t a break from learning, it IS learning–and why yoga-based movement is ideal for a school setting. Discover how you can incorporate quick, doable movement breaks into your classroom, as movement paves the way for self-regulation in children.

SESSION 5 - Music & Mindfulness

Learn the powerful benefits music has on the brain, why attaching information to a melody makes it easier to remember, and how this knowledge can help you ease transitions, get and keep children’s attention, and unify your group. Get inspired with loads of fun, creative, focus-building rhythm activities and ideas to fully engage your students! And no, you DON'T have to be a musician!

SESSION 6 - Implementation (The Fun Stuff!)

Ideas, ideas, ideas! There’s tons of inspiration here for combining music, movement and breathing into short, kid-friendly, consistent mindful activities–the most powerful way to help children regulate themselves, and to calm your classroom!

Calm Your Classroom

Calm Your Classroom


Normally $199

Now $49


  • Six video sessions of deep-dive training with mindfulness expert Kira Willey (Value: $597)
  • Calm Your Classroom Workbook, available in two formats (Value: $39)
  • Complete access to all course materials for one year on our private website 
  • CYC Completion Certificate 
  • Bonus: Mindful Meditation for Educators (Value: $29) 
  • Bonus: Ukulele 101 for Non-Musicians (Value: $199)

Total Value: $864
Your cost: $199 $49

You Don't Have to Do It Alone

The fact that you're still reading this is evidence you believe strongly in the power of mindful practices to help children thrive, and that you deeply desire support in incorporating mindfulness into your classroom.

I've been where you are. I learned the hard way what every teacher knows-you can plan the greatest lesson in the world, but if you don't have the attention in the room, you're not going to get anywhere.

If your students' brains aren't in a "ready to learn" state, they're not going to be able to focus on what you're teaching.

Simple, fun, engaging mindfulness practices can make an enormous difference in calming the atmosphere in your classroom. They're incredibly effective, and easy to implement-once you know how.

Let me teach you my very best tools and my most engaging mindful activities. I can save you precious time trying to figure it out yourself, and give you tons of resources and ideas you can implement right away.

Let me help you calm your classroom.


- Kira

"Excellent, inspiring and fun training!”

- Elizabeth M.


"I cannot WAIT to try the activities and songs with my class!"

- Laurie S.

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